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For the MasterChi Administrator

Find some Tips & Tricks to make your administration easier

When using SANDBOX mode, then there are two(2) instances of the table(s). In SANDBOX mode you can import and modify data without make any changes to the LIVE data. When you are ready in SANDBOX mode, then you synchronize from the SANDBOX to LIVE to let all data be live on the web site.

  • SANDBOX data is used in the EDITOR and in PREVIEW

  • LIVE data is used on the published site.

It is possible to turn off SANDBOX mode - then there will be only one(1) instance of the table(s).

Create a new Bodytype

Edit the table CHI Definitions and add  a new row.


RTF (Rich text) field cannot be formatted as Paragraph-2. That is because Paragraph-2 is defined as white text and will not be possible to see on the screen.

Make sure you enter data into all fields.

PASTING FORMATED CONTENT FROM WORD OR SIMILAR PROGRAM MAY GET INTO TROUBLE. Paste unformatted and format the content using the features possible in the RTF-editor.

Preview body type

Before you go-live with a new CHI Definition (template), try it with a fictious user:

  1. Enter a new row in CHI Definitions table with all your data filled in the columns

  2. Let the ChiClimate field value be a temporary value not used before: Sample: BodyTypeAAA

  3. Use a test-user with an email you only use for tests

  4. Make that email-user a Site-member

  5. Add one or more rows to the Measurement table and enter the test-user email as the user

  6. Login to the site as the test-user

  7. Go to page "All my Results"

  8. Select a measurement

  9. Verify that the content of the report looks as you want

  10. Edit values in the CHI Definitions table as needed and show results again until you are satisfied

Go-Live with a Body type

  1. Use the process "Preview" on this page to verify the new content.

  2. Change the value in the field ChiClimate for the row in the table CHI Definitions to a "real" value you are using


Copy a Bodytype

Want to use an existing Bodytype definition for a new one?

  1. Select the row of the existing bodytype in the table CHI Definitions

  2. Export (selected) to a CSV file

  3. Edit the file (with an editor for plain text so you do not destory any formatting)

  4. Change the name of the Bodytype to something you dont use in the table, and save the file

  5. Import the file to the table

  6. Verify that it looks good

  7. Edit the content as neeeded in the WIX table

  8. Synk to Live if Sandbox mode is used

Import Measurements

1. Prepare a CSV file to contain this data:


This is easy done by doing an Export of the schema first. Remove any columns not listed above - they are not needed.


The file must be:

  • Plain text

  • Comma between fields

  • Double quotation mark around fieldnames and text-data

  • Period as a decimal point

  • UTF-8 file type

Note: There is no magic merge! Imported rows will be ADDED.

Note: You can use email as a value for the CustomerName if you want

2. Import the file to the Measurements table

  You can do the field mapping duiring the import

3. Verify imported contents

4. Sync to Live if imported to Sandbox

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