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Chiu Chien Chin 

1978  Department of Crafts, National Taiwan Normal University

1985  Founded Dashan Kiln in Houlong, Miaoli County

1987  Solo Exhibition at Today Art Gallery, Taipei

          Solo Exhibition at Zhongzheng Cultural Center, Kaohsiung

Solo Exhibition at Cultural Center, hsinchu

1988  Founded Emei Wood-fired Kiln at Emei, hsinchu

1989  Solo Exhibition at Bosheng Art Gallery, hsinchu

1990  Solo Exhibition at Yiqing Art Center, Taipei

1992  Honorable Merit Award for Ceramics, Art Competition, Taipei County

1993  Solo Exhibition at Social Education Center, hsinchu

          Honorable Merit Award, Nanying Awards

          Third Place, Ceramics, Taipei Art Competition

1994  National Ceramics Exposition at Songshan Airport

1995  Solo Exhibition at Cultural Center, hsinchu

          Solo Exhibition at Taiwan Life Culture, Taichung

          Judge’s List Award, Fletcher International Ceramic Awards, New Zealand

1996  Second Prize, First Nationwide Golden Warbler Ceramic Competition

          Nationwide Ceramic Guest Exhibition at Chongzheng Art Gallery, Taichung

1997  First Prize, Second Nationwide Golden Warbler Ceramic Competition

          Solo Exhibition at Dragon Art Center, Hsinchu

1998  Solo Exhibition at Ceramists’ Store, Yingge Township

1999  Solo Exhibition at Changxiangyi, Toufen Township

2000  Committee of acquisition, Yingge Ceramics Museum

2001  Guest Exhibition, Yingge Ceramics Museum

2002  Asia-Pacific Ceramic Exhibition, Yingge Ceramics Museum

          Earth, Contemporary Taiwanese Ceramic Exhibition at France, Italy

          Contemporary Ceramic Exhibition, Chongzheng Art Gallery, Taipei

2003  Solo Exhibition, Art Museum, Chunan Township

2004  Solo Exhibition at Culture and Tourism Bureau, Miaoli County

          Committee of acquisition, Yingge Ceramics Museum

2005  Master Class, Lecture, and Exhibition at Argentina

2006   Chief Board of Directors of Miaoli Association for Creative Wood-Fired Ceramics

           Committee of acquisition, Yingge Ceramics Museum

           Nationwide Ceramics Guest Exhibition at National Museum of History

2007    Visiting Instructor, Asia-Pacific Institute of Creativity

            Artist Studio, Gold Medal of Taiwanese Ceramics Artists Guild

2008    Resident Artist at hsinchu County

2009    Chiu Chien-ching Modern Wood-fired Ceramic Exhibition, Raindrop Art Space

2010    Solo Exhibition, New Tile House Hakka Cultural District

Solo Exhibition, Yingge Ceramics Museum

Guest Exhibition, Office of the President, Republic of China (Taiwan)

Co-exhibition with Singaporean Artists

2013 Man and Woman, Chiu Chien-ching and Hsu Chu Double Ceramic Solo Exhibition, Cultural Affairs Bureau of hsinchu County

2015 International Ceramic Exhibition, South China University of Technology, Guangdong

         Masters and New Talents Six Artists Joint Exhibition, Tai-Hwa Pottery, Yingge

2016 Chiu Chien-ching, Hsu Chu Wood-fired Guest Exhibition, Matsu Folklore Culture Museum

         Guest Exhibition, First Miaoli Pottery, Wood-fired Art Festival

2017 Masters and New Talents Seven Artists Joint Exhibition, Miaoli Ceramics Art Gallery

         Guest Exhibition, Second Miaoli Pottery, Wood-fired Art Festival

         Nationwide Master Ceramists and Sculptors Joint Exhibition, National Dr. Sun Yat-sen Memorial Hall

2019 Curator, Miaoli Pottery Art Festival

         Jury of Wood-fired Pottery, Miaoli Pottery Art Festival

         Guest Exhibition, Cultural Center of Taipei Economic and Cultural Office in New York

2021 Guest Exhibition, Museum of Modern Ceramic Art, Gifu, Japan

         Joint Exhibition of Zhu-lin Craft Arts Association

         11 Artists Joint Exhibition, Chungyuet Group




Chiu Chien-ching Landscape Inspired Ceramic Works



Surrounded by the ocean all around, the coastline of Taiwan is highly diversified.


The Jialuo Waterfall Series reflects on my deep connection with the ocean since my childhood. As it took me the longest time to create, it is my favorite work.


The Cliff Series embodies the high-hanging cliffs in my mind that keep negotiating with nature.


The Basalt Series depicts the geographic formation of the Penghu Islands and Islets off Taiwan.


The process of the volcano eruption: as the volcano erupted, once the volcanic lava shot out

and started running, it condensed immediately.


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