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Chen Yu Ting



- The President of the HK-Macau-TW Art Union in Singapore

- Singapore Life Art Society Honorary President

- Singapore Federation of Art Societies honorary director

- Asia-Pacific Elite Entrepreneurs Association Contemporary Art’s advisor

- New Taipei City Private Purple Lotus Charity Foundation Art’s advisor


Christina Chen Yuting is an artist from Taiwan and living in Singapore. She has a deep fascination with Chinese traditional culture. She is not only highly accomplished in painting, but also has a profound understanding and knowledge of calligraphy.


In 2004, Chen Yuting studied painting under the tutelage of Mr. Tan Khim Ser and also took an art course at the Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts in Singapore.


In 2015, she also attended the special master course in Chinese calligraphy at the Beijing Normal University of arts under the tutelage of Prof. Ni Wendong, Wang Xueling, Zheng Peiliang, Fu Ruming... Professors, specializing in the five styles of calligraphy: seal, official, regular, xing, and cursive calligraphy. After years of training, Chen Yuting's paintings have evolved into her own unique style.


If you were to be interviewed by the press (TV/Radio) with your artwork – how would you describe your work to stand out from other exhibitors? When I moved to Singapore, it was an important period for the development of contemporary art in Singapore. It is worth noting that Singapore’s puzzles in the exploration of the form of painting are the challenges……The cultural heritage of Taiwan’s growth and diligent studies havd laid a solid foundation for my painting. Singapore’s multiculturalism life forms and the unique Southeast Asian landscapes of Southeast Asia have brought an important opportunity for me and the construction of the language for my form of painting. My creative processes are precisely the construction of my unique form of painting language in the historical opportunities that span time and space as well as the region. There is no limit to the artist's cultivation nor expression. At the same time, the expression of art should reflect and innovate in its essence. This is my emotional and spiritual appeal in the exploration of the formal language of painting and art. Life’s experiences are my inspirations that scintillate my creations. The world is my teacher, and due to my immense interest in both Western and Eastern art, and by gleaming and studying from many renowned artists around the world, I have evolved my own unique style of painting, usage of medium and expression. Western artists demonstrate their prowess and strength in strokes, absolute details and colours. Eastern painters’ remora is subject to interpretations of the mind, with each art lover or painter being able to see the fish but not the water, or the mountain but not the trees! I am working towards a blend of both worlds, and to bring more joy to all art lovers." That’s the unique point of my painting. How would you describe yourself? And your artwork? What drives you? 1-I am an extrovert, impulsive yet gentle, sensible, careful and caring. My artwork encompasses value of both East and West. 2-Due to my Eastern upbringing and Western exposure late in life, my artwork incorporates the Chinese brush strokes with the West’s colourful expressions. An amalgamation of Chinese calligraphy, Chinese brush strokes and colourful oil/acrylic of the West. 3-Life’s emotions, humanity, truth, goodness and beauty of life! Where do you see your art going in ten years? The 20th century was a turning point in our conception of art, which is mainly why contemporary artists frequently reach for new concepts, break with tradition and reject classic notions of beauty. All these factors have given birth to abstract art. The artist no longer tries to reflect reality, but rather tries to give expressions to their inner world and feelings. Today, art is an evolving and global concept, open to new interpretation, too fluid to be pinned down. And I believe the world of art will be full of colours in the future! I know my artwork is finished when…? When I look at my art and smile! Greatest achievements so far…? 1. Great achievement in Poly Hong Kong Autumn Auction. 3rd~7th/Oct 2019 First Singapore female artist success in Poly Hong Kong Auction. 2. Great achievement in Taipei Emperor Autumn Auction. 20th/Oct 2019 3. In 2017, I wrote the longest Chinese calligraphy scroll -16m long, a record in Singapore. What other hobbies do you have? I was in fashion industry for 20 years, I see the beauty world through my eyes. And with golf activities for more than 30 years. Why art? Art is the activity by which a person, having experienced an emotion, intentionally transmits it to others. Entering the artistic creation process allows me to find myself, facing the canvas, as long as I face myself honestly and don't need to explain it to others!

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